[MO Event] Pravum's Defence 31st of December

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[MO Event] Pravum's Defence 31st of December


--And so scarred ancient warrior of arena sands, Pravum victor battle beyond count, cut a thousand times in his Emperor's name, unbowed primus yet stayed his hand and would not slay the fallen youth for is his eyes Pravum saw his own fragile battle-born truth...

The Emperor notes that it is the anniversary of Pravum Lictum's glorious death (a warrior of renown from ancient times) and has decided to give Pravum's Shield from the Royal Armoury to the victor of bloody battle in the Arena!

Part II of the Epic Weapons Campaign

The Emperor was displeased with recent entertainment and requires far, far more blood to be spilled upon the Arena sand. There are debts to pay... .

However, Pravum was known for his chivalry and fairness in both practice bouts and combat to the death. So the Emperor only wishes that the finest warriors pit themselves in combat against each other, indeed to ensure total fairness the Emperor has insisted that only his own supply of armor and weapons be allowed into the field of battle.

The Emperor has also insisted that there be spectacle and blood on huge scale - so many teams will compete together in the fray - so that Pravum, cold in his cairn will smile upon the carnage done in his name! Indeed to separate the wheat from the chaff no potions or bandages other than those supplied on the day will be allowed. So there will be a true test of honour, courage and blood to appease Pravum!

Teams will submit their details no later than the 31st of December. The draw will take place within 48 hours. However the event will take place on Sat 7th of Jan 21:00 GMT - giving ample time for guilds and non-guilded teams to discuss tactics.

Each round will be comprised of 5, five player teams who will fight to the death.
Rounds will be randomly drawn for each team. Living winners of Round 1 will go through to the final.
Guilds will have to pick their best five players and enter one team only.
No pets are allowed.
No Big-Pots.
Bandages and minor healing potions as well as basic armor and weapons will be provided on the day. You may not bring ANY personal gear (apart from rags, please)
Very limited mage reagents will be provided (expect no more than 40 spells across the board)
At the end of each round the winning team will be re-equipped and re-scanned to ensure that only allowed loot is carried into the next round
Ensure that your inventory is clear before you petition to enter the arena - players will be scanned and removed from the arena in the event they are found to be carrying any items.
Team-leaders will have the full entitlement (per team) of equipment and reagents passed to him/her - it is up to the team leaders to distribute the materials as they see fit.
In order to avoid anyone missing their slot the running Order will be as follows: @ 21:00GMT Round one teams will be called to the Arena (ported in) and gear will be given to the team leaders. There will be 10 mins to get ready then all teams will be asked to jump the barrier and fight.
Server Messages and IRC notification of Groups will be made but please ensure you are ready to raise petitions when asked! This running order will then repeat until we have a winning team. How the Emperor decides the final winner of the prize it ...up .... to.... Him.
(please copy/paste and complete below)
Team name:
Team Leader:
Player 2:
Player 3:
Player 4:
Player 5:
Tabard Colour:

Additional notes:
Volunteer Live streamers are again invited to attend - please register as follows (there will be a small prize for all streamers and a best of prize too)

(please copy/paste and complete below)
Toon Name:
Link on the day:
Commentary Y/N :
Any other info:

The Emperor reserves the right to change his event as he sees fit!

Good luck everyone!


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