Un-Official Mortal Online TeamSpeakServer

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Un-Official Mortal Online TeamSpeakServer


Un-Official Mortal Online TeamSpeak Server!
Welcome to Zagars Un-Official Mortal Online Teamspeak Server! Where REAL Staff like GM's and IRC mods come in and talk to you as a person and will even answerer some of your questions. We will also try to host LIVE Q/A from time to time so staff can participate with the player base!
Please follow the rules or you may be banned for a time period.

Q: But, Zagar I don't have teamspeak
A: http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads (Download the 32bit or 64bit whichever your OS is running)

Q: How do I connect to the server?
A: After installing. Open the client and click on connections > Connect > Enter Server Info Below.

Port: No Port
Password: None

Q: What if someone is breaking the rules and no one is on?
A: Right click there name and make a complaint.

If you need a Channel for your guild please message me.
If you wanna help moderate the Teamspeak. You may also message me

(more information will be placed as it goes along)
Live Q/A Watch the Thread!

1. Limit the Trolling
2. Be Respectful
3. Listen to the Admins/Mods
4. No Impersonating GMs/Staff
5. No Platen Racism.
6. No Yelling Over the Mic
7. No Accusing people of hacks/dups/etc.

Server Admins
1. Zagar (ADMIN)
2. Magree(IRC MOD)
3. GM Theia (GM)
4. Bathory(IRC MOD)
5. Asakur0 (HEAD FORUM MOD)
6. GM Discord (Head GM)
7. GM Athanes (GM)
8. GM Martialis (GM)

Server Helpers
1. Casilda (WSX)
2. Woden (ENVY)

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