SV Event - The Sword of Tears - Vanishing Point

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SV Event - The Sword of Tears - Vanishing Point

The Merchant Prince Rosenante has the Sword of Tears!
Now he needs your help!

The Prince will be landing at the Meduli Pier at 21:00 GMT on Saturday the 28th of Jan.

The Merchant Prince will be trusting the sword to one of his best men, Lieutenant Grulleod, who will be making the long, long journey to Fabernum. There he will hand over the Sword of Tears to the Tindremic Guard - they will be waiting there to collect the sword, and to make the payment that has been agreed between the Emperor and the Prince.

Because of the magical nature of the Sword, the Prince will also be sending along his personal Seer. The old, powerful magician will be warding the sword during the journey in an attempt to avoid Malturn's detecting the weapon and trying to wrest back back his blade. The Seer has communicated his disquiet over the fact that Malturn’s strength is growing with each victim he slays; Malturn may shortly be too dangerous to fight! Therefore, the need to move the sword before Malturn grows further in strength is great. The Royal Guard (warriors of renown from the Prince's homeland) will slay with extreme prejudice anyone who tries to interfere, in any way, with either their commanding officer or the Seer.

To this end the Prince, who in addition will be sending a few of his own guards, wishes to hire the largest possible army to safely move the sword from Meduli to Fabernum. The army will take the form of two groups, those within the law will meet the caravan at the Meduli pier, and those other outlaws will gather near the equerry and await the rest of the column.

Applicants will swear their fealty below and make an honourable and binding commitment to the Prince! Should they break that commitment in any way the Prince will impose severe penalties in the future... The Prince is known to employ one of the most notorious assassins in the land and has promised retribution should agreements be made and then broken.

The Prince will require many brave warriors to guard such valuable merchandise, and will be paying an appropriate reward (50Gold and a Ruber upon completion) to all who accompany the caravan and guard it to successful conclusion.

I (insert name) do here by swear that I will guard the Prince’s Men until they safely arrive at Fabernum Square and hand over the Sword to agents of the Emperor.
I understand that should I break my oath the Prince will take retribution at a time he sees fit.
I am Lawful and will meet the caravan at the Pier.
I am unlawful and will meet the caravan near to the equerry.
**Please ensure you register the name of the character that you will be playing on during the event – this will ensure that the Prince can reward you and that you have been confirmed as part of the Guard**
**The GM Team will be awarding a special prize for the very best Video from the day!!**

Anmeldung im Orginal Thread. Gismo ist wohl schon dabei ^^

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SV Event - The Sword of Tears - Vanishing Point :: Kommentare


Beitrag am Do 19 Jan 2012, 21:39  Reddo

das wird n Server vs. AQ Gemetzel ^^+
someone fraps it pl0x

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Beitrag am Do 19 Jan 2012, 22:20  Rhonan

ich tippe eher auf deathmatch xD

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Beitrag am Do 19 Jan 2012, 22:45  Erasmus

vl schaff ichs aufzunehmen, würd lustig =D meine letzten großen heilpots verheizen und schön auf alles draufhauen ^^
reynik und rest von dc etc sind auch dabei, denke mal werd mit denen einfach zusammen ziehen

wer will soll sich mal eintragn

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Beitrag am Do 19 Jan 2012, 22:53  Rhonan

ich bedauer es das ich keinen dieb hab.

wäre super geil das schwert schon in meduli gegen ein holzschwert auszutauschen, und die leute sich drum kloppen lassen xD

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Beitrag am Fr 20 Jan 2012, 06:14  Grogdrinker

Hatte AQ das Schwert nicht schon einmal?

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Beitrag am So 29 Jan 2012, 10:17  Grogdrinker

Und wie war das Event?

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Beitrag am So 29 Jan 2012, 11:43  Addi

lustig und spaßig. hat mir echt bock gemacht. währe nur schön gewesen wenn die beschützer des prinzens ein temopräres tag bekommen hätten

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