AI stress test video

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AI stress test video

Twitter Henrik:
Ok i just wrapped up an ai stress test vid, gonna show you all in a bit.

Henrik Nyström:
Now dont expect one of those epic trailers here hehe, I frapped some of sebs stress tests and just put it togheter to show some of that. We are testing performance and stress testing the ai, which gone perfect so far.



I would like to explain what this video shows, since there seem to be some misunderstandings in here.

This video is a short frap from our AI STRESS test on client/node/server, nothing else really, we didn’t care about the models or what they were doing, the only thing we needed for this test was, stress the client/node/server. We copied exact environment lightning from the real world and put them in this test room, which was an open space, no hills walls, because we wanted to stress test the client, if we added walls hills etc this would have blocked visibility on the avatars and not stressed the client as much as we were aiming for.

Behind the chaos that may be hard to see here is some interesting behaviors: In the beginning when kimuru spawns his minion you can see a flee/panicking behavior, they all run away from the kimutu, creating a circle around him. They all use navmesh as they move around, they all check their environment to see if they need to react with fear or engage. They all have collision and moves from each others so they dont walk on each others. They all check what is the best tactic to engage on the kimuru, which is in this case use range due to the fear and range they have, they have like 5 other attacks/weapons they can use for different situations,

We saw some different actions from the Kiumuru that he can do now depending on the situation.
We saw 400 spiders hatching eggs, that spawned a good amount of spider lings, that directly saw the horrific kimuru and ran as fast as they could to their adults, as you can clearly see in the video as well.

Nothing, absolutely nothing of all above works in the same way or at all in live version of our AI. The entire AI system have been replaced.

Its indeed hard to see all this in the video, since the goal was not to show all this, but to stress test client/node/server, using these AI behaviors to give a real result. Seb frapsed while he did this important stress test, and I spend 15 min to edit it and release it for ya, to show some progress as we go as it could be fun to see something.

We do have path finding, patrolling guards crowd control, because that was the requirements for us to release Tindrem, which we are.

I hope this clears up the confusion we caused by not giving as detailed description as we could have made. This is not a showing the final AI behavior awakening video.



TehBadMan: So i asked Seb the same question, are we finally going to be able to see swing speed of NPCs so we can finally perfect block them now ?


Now GO, reply before Seb does

Yes, all the new attacks are made up of a "charge" and a "cooldown".
The charge is the tell, similar to what you have in boss battles in most games.
Most mobs will have one fast,medium and slow attack.

The fast attack will have a very short charge and is there to give "chip damage", small damage but hard to block . The slow attack in most cases have a fair amount of charge, this will make it possible for players to indeed block the attack and ,if we can find a good way to calculate it, even perfect block them.

All ranged attacks are depending on movement and skill of the AI.
How much the player have moved during the "charge" of the ranged attack will help determine if the AI hits or not. A missed ranged attack will still be shown as a effect thou. This ALSO applies to all magic attacks the AI does.
They will in fact "miss" with a thunderbolts etc and you can see it hit the ground around you.


zum thema roaming guards:

Those guards have 3 melee attacks, overheadswing with a sword,slash with a sword and a unarmed punch. On top of that they have crossbows for long range AND they can throw a thunderbolt for targets that are at medium range. They also have a "charge" type of attack where they run up and shieldbash.

That's the reason why they are used in the stress-test because they have the options to handle pretty much any situation, putting the most amount of stress on the node in a "worst case scenario" for the server.

These guards have decided that it's best to stay at a range from the Kimuru and fire arrows at it rather then running up to it.

This is really one of the big changes with the new AI.
Instead of giving a creature a single attack, you now "arm them" with a list of attacks and they will change their behavior dynamically based on what type of attacks they have.

This can even be done at runtime so GMs will be able to custom tailor AI for events.
I like to arm my pigs with a crossbow for example, they look so cute when they hold that weapon in their mouth.


We got some interesting test sessions to do here, try to do a crime in tindrem high security and then in low securitry, and outside close to scouting/patroling guards


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AI stress test video :: Kommentare


Beitrag am Mi 15 Feb 2012, 18:33  Reddo

yeah, spinnen spucken jetzt grünes zeug aus dem dann eier werden, aus den dann spiderlinge kommen !!
.....klingt wie WoW wenn mans drumrum net kennt.... Razz

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Beitrag am Mi 15 Feb 2012, 19:22  Solti

und die wachen, einfach nur geil wie die rumstehen und warten dass sie sterben.

\lronie aus

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Beitrag am Mi 15 Feb 2012, 19:33  Ragnar

ihr alten verbitterten männer Very Happy

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Beitrag am Mi 15 Feb 2012, 19:38  Reddo

ich finds doch gut xD
man sieht halt einfach nicht viel, aber der kimuru macht schonmal nen super eindruck

und ich geb dir gleich alt... bin n küken im vergleich zu solti Rolling Eyes

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Beitrag am Mi 15 Feb 2012, 19:46  Rhonan

das ist ein stress test..

also wieviel chars kann die KI gleichzeitig handeln, bevor sie in die knie geht.
und das sind einige Wink

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Beitrag am Mi 15 Feb 2012, 20:08  Solti

Rhonan schrieb:das ist ein stress test..

also wieviel chars kann die KI gleichzeitig handeln, bevor sie in die knie geht.
und das sind einige Wink

Anscheinend nicht viele..... sind ja alle eingefroren.

Also deren Gehirn, rumstehen tun sie ja noch.

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Beitrag am Mi 15 Feb 2012, 20:27  Rhonan

die schießen doch pfeile..

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Beitrag am Mi 15 Feb 2012, 21:55  Solti

Rhonan schrieb:die schießen doch pfeile..

Echt? Seh ich auf auf dem händy nicht, liegt wohl daran das ich zur zeit 12h am tag maloche.

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Beitrag am Mi 15 Feb 2012, 22:04  Rhonan

armer kerl Smile

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Beitrag am Do 16 Feb 2012, 16:42  Rhonan

update (edit)

interessant find ich den letzten post von henrik.
scouting/patrouling guards..

wär das geil wenn die auch in der welt rum laufen würden, außerhalb der guardzone Very Happy

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