AI Guard Fight - low level guards

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AI Guard Fight - low level guards

Sebastian Persson

Oh hi guys!
Here's some info that might clear some of these questions.
The guard in the videos are NOT custom-coded to be a guard. It's an ai like any other AI that we give a sword and then see what happens. We could have given the sword to a pig and the same result ( only cuter ) would come of it.
Now you need to try to think beyond the image of the guard, all ai in the entire game can now do what that guard does.

This guard is a low-level guard and does not have the fancy magic and moves of the higher level guards. It's a guard constructed only to test how the perfect-blocking of AI attacks work.

Currently to perfect block the ai you need to start blocking just before the strike hits, fairly similar to how counters work in a fighting game. All AI attacks can currently be perfect blocked but we will probably end up adding attacks that can't be to mix it up.

We are ofc aware of the fact that this is NOT the same way you perfect block a player, I was thinking about doing it the same way but it would need a IMMENSE amount animations. We would rather spend the creating animations on making cool and interesting attacks rather then making 3 similar attacks because we need one from each side.

Thou this is still work in progress and everything could change here. I'm still testing ideas here.

All of the animations in the video have been dynamically scaled by the server. That's why most of them are so slow. Now dynamically scaling the animation from the server makes it possible for us to make the higher tier guards/robbers/pigs scale their animation up and thereby by more efficient in combat.
We can even have a minor random factor in the rate to make it a lot harder to simply perfect-block using muscle-memory.

Also this is very much work in progress, but it does show in what direction we are taking the new PvE combat.

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AI Guard Fight - low level guards :: Kommentare


Beitrag am Do 08 März 2012, 20:02  Rhonan


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Beitrag am Fr 09 März 2012, 14:46  Apo

Sehr schön, man kann nur hoffen das die AI mal fix vorran geht, ist ja einer der Gründe warum sich die Welt immer sehr leblos und steril angefühlt hat..

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Beitrag am Fr 09 März 2012, 15:08  Rhonan

zitate von den devs die sich auf den patch beziehn

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