IRC mit Theia (Hype Hype)

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IRC mit Theia (Hype Hype)

17:32 <[CM]Theia>Wait til you see 64B guys, me thinks it'll change the dynamic of these medium to large fights
17:33 <[AQ]Velan>It will change from almost smooth to warpfest dynamics :O
17:33 <[CM]Theia>seriously it's eye-poppingly better
17:33 <[CM]Theia>there I said it Sad

17:34 <[ENVY]Darran>Will you work on the 32bit client too?
17:34 <[ENVY]Darran>You cant force people to have 64bit OS..
17:34 <[AQ]Velan>They said from the start that MO is for the enthusiast gamers and will have above average system specs
17:34 <[AQ]Velan>From the very start.
17:35 <[CM]Theia>no ofc you can't but I'd advise it
17:35 <[CM]Theia>64b is freakishly fast
17:35 <[AQ]Velan>So does the expansion come with the 64 bit client?
17:35 <[CM]Theia>I thought there would be a slight change... but
17:36 <[CM]Theia>yes already on
17:36 <[CM]Theia>wait til you hear the rest of it
17:36 <[AQ]Velan>So how much faster is it then roughly?
17:37 <[AQ]Velan>And does that hint at memory alignment problems in the 32bit build?
17:37 <[CM]Theia>I can't say about what but I was slack-jawed the other day - I know this might sound like hype but seirously you're all going to wet yer pants
17:37 <sir_phobos>because of 64 bit?
17:37 <[CM]Theia>mmm
17:37 <[AQ]Velan>There are still pityfull creatures running 32 bit OSes
17:37 <[CM]Theia>we shall see
17:38 <[CM]Theia>no nothing to do with 64B
17:38 <sir_phobos>are we going to see or hear some new info soon?
17:38 <[CM]Theia>I'm trying every day to get something
17:38 <[CM]Theia>trouble is it falls into two catagories
17:39 <[CM]Theia>Spoiler
17:39 <[CM]Theia>very spoiler
17:39 <[AQ]Velan>If there is a 64bit built with the expansion and you are still CM I'll resub :O
17:40 <[CM]Theia>put it this way I was hovering above Meduli yesterday and Henrik spawned a HUUUGE number of AI Guards. And they looked like little ants running around all over the floor... no lag.
17:40 <[MONO]stinger>NICE
17:41 <[CM]Theia>was mind boggling
17:41 <sir_phobos>will render distance be increased?
17:41 <[CM]Theia>you're kidding MO has huge render distance..
17:41 <[CM]Theia>apart from nodeline issues
17:41 <sir_phobos>players not always
17:42 <[MONO]stinger>nope
17:42 <[CM]Theia>Think that suprises me is just how far you can shoot an arrow
17:42 <[CM]Theia>it has an enourmous range
17:42 <[MONO]stinger>ohh yes once the opcets have renderd
17:42 <[AQ]Velan>Except through nodelines the render distance is pretty high
17:42 <[CM]Theia>true
17:42 <[AQ]Velan>certainly higher than any other MMO I can think of
17:42 <[MONO]stinger>cant shoot things you cant see
17:43 <[CM]Theia>Anyway it really is very exciting times
17:43 <Aralis>Would it be fair Theia to say that all is proceeding roughly in line with expectations?
[b]17:44 <[CM]Theia>No I am actually suprised abot what's comign in on top of what's been announced, but I guess the proof of the pudding and all, so we'll see over the next few weeks how many modules show up - but it is looking pretty dam,n exciting right now
17:44 <[CM]Theia>Even just the Dye system will chang the look of the game
17:44 <[CM]Theia>simple change but battles will start to look differnet - some guilds will start to align their gear to make it easier iin combat
17:45 <[CM]Theia>yep hardware does help for sure
17:45 <sir_phobos>can armor be dyed multiple times
17:45 <[CM]Theia>Don;t know
17:45 <[CM]Theia>There is debate over the scope of the palette
17:46 <[AQ]Vestia>ive always wanted to use that spiked mace
17:46 <[AQ]Vestia>but it sucks so much
17:46 <[CM]Theia>having said that if youi want to collect 1,000,000 beetles or whatever to get shicking pink armor then what not? Very Happy

17:47 <[CM]Theia>ahh well good news on that because there is weapon re-balanceing and it SEEMS that some of the handle hit issues are looking fixed
17:47 <[AQ]Vestia>thats one step in the right direction
17:47 <[AQ]Vestia>now it needs a damage adjustment
[AQ]Vestia: theia will awakening bring the things promised in tc, such as taxing cities etc?
17:54 <[CM]Theia>Not 100% sure about taxing of cities
17:55 <[CM]Theia>With Tindrem and new AI and all the pathing work there is a huge amount to do Trade house ais important as well, but yes, more meaningful TC is a focus
17:56 <[CM]Theia>There is also a drive to remove more items form the Vendor
17:56 <[CM]Theia>Which is what we all want (MUAHAHAH)
17:57 <[MONO]stinger>arrows and salvaging
17:57 <sir_phobos>especially the food
17:57 <Rhodri>Finally be able to ban thieves and folks from cities?
17:57 <Rhodri>If you dont like em or if they are with an enemy maybe?
17:57 <[CM]Theia>well a few things at a time I gues, but they're keeping their promise to move to 100% player driver economy
17:57 <sir_phobos>will money disappear at some point then?
17:57 <[CM]Theia>TC White and black list were talked about theother day - not sure if it's in with Awakenings tho

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IRC mit Theia (Hype Hype) :: Kommentare


Beitrag am Do 12 Apr 2012, 00:06  Jiriki

Is doch immer wieder das gleiche bei MO... Und hinterher sind wieder alle enttäuscht weil es nicht so kam wie es erwartet wurde...
Ich schau mir Awakening mal an, erwarte aber nichts davon. Wenns gut ist spiel ich auch vielleicht mal wieder nen Monat ^^ Aber MO ist einfach doch zu krass auf der Hardware -.-

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