The Scrolls of Urilla

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The Scrolls of Urilla

The Scrolls of Urilla

Part III of the Epic Weapons Campaign

The Majestic Tindremic Emperor is concerned about the citizens of Myrland:
Malturn has been on the rampage for too long and must be defeated!

To this end The Emperor instructed The Tindremic High Priest to find something, anything that could be used to defeat him.

The High Priest has spent the last few months in solitary study, going through ancient texts and scrolls from before The Fall, and he has discovered documents describing something called 'The Ancient Hammer.' Much of the parchment was too badly disintegrated to be thoroughly translated but it seems that the priest has nevertheless stumbled upon a possible solution for The Emperor and the problem of Malturn.

The Hammer of The Ancients, or 'The Hammer of Shards' as the musty document calls it, is an ancient weapon from the days before The Fall of The First Tindremic Empire. Urilla, a powerful High Priest to the Emperor of that time found the weapon, but war was raging throughout the realm and so he chose to hide the hammer so it could be studied in the future.

Urilla cast a powerful magical ward and split the hammer into five shards -- hidden magically across the land. Some of these shards we know are real, and others mere forgeries, and it is unknown how many combined will together reform the ancient weapon.

The current Tindremic High Priest understands the warding that has been cast to keep these fragments hidden, but five riddles were also hidden by Urilla, carried to us through the ages by withered texts to help uncover their locations in our time of need.

The High Priest will begin casting at (21:00 GMT+1 on Saturday the 14th) but he will only be able to make the hiding places of the hammers visible for around an hour. As the Divination begins The High Priest will be able decipher the hidden riddles and will recite them but once as the rite demands in Fabernum Square.

A week after the rite is held the Tindremic High Priest will call upon all owners of the shards to bring those shards to him. Details of this will be released by the Priest...later.

Good luck everyone!


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